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Functional as well as decorative, shades, blinds and shutters can be used on doors as well as windows to direct, filter or block out light. You can buy blinds in home furnishings stores, home centers, paint and tile stores and through a decorator.


Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are classic, traditional, and elegant. They can add richness and sophistication to any space.


Wood window coverings are made from a quality, natural hard woods, like basswood and American hardwood


Vertical window blinds are fairly inexpensive, practical, and provide superior light control.


These vertical blinds come standard with a heavy-duty track system

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are also called venetian blinds. They're made with horizontal slats that hang from a headrail by a cord. The headrail is a metal box that makes up the top part of the blinds.


It houses the mechanisms that open and close the blinds. Wood and faux wood venetians often come with a decorative valance that's the same colour as the slats and covers the headrail. 

Fauxwood and composite blinds

Faux wood blinds come with either solid color slats or with patterns that closely mimic the grain of real wood.


Made from PVC for fire- and moisture-resistance, faux wood blinds combine natural wood beauty with modern engineering.


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